Make Your New Kitchen Cabinets Pop With Cabinet Lighting

Make Your New Kitchen Cabinets Pop With Cabinet Lighting

Are you looking at options for the kitchen remodel you’ve always wanted? Have you noticed how the shots you see in home design publications and catalogs never quite look like the kitchens you find when you’re checking out recent remodels? It’s because the kitchens filmed for magazines take advantage of all the options available to optimize and beautify a kitchen. You can get that look at home if you add the right extras to your cabinet remodel, but you have to know what to ask for.

What Cabinet Lighting Does

Cabinet lights are the key to getting that special pop that really makes the interior of your cabinets visible. They’re the only way to truly show off the interior texture of your cabinetry, and they also improve visibility whenever you need to dig around for a specific item. When you install lighting in cabinets with clear fronts, they help make whatever items are displayed near the window look like they are staged for a magazine shoot of their own. That’s not the only great advantage to adding lighting when you remodel cabinets, either.

  • Reduce accidents and spills by seeing more of the cabinet’s contents when you open the door
  • Identify issues like moisture build-up more easily with a more visible cabinet interior
  • Get a better view of when it’s time to do some seasonal cleaning to get the dust out
  • Grab a glass for a drink or a mug for coffee without lighting up the whole room

Finish Off Your New Kitchen With a Custom Countertop

As long as you’re putting the work into your cabinets, you might as well renovate the countertop. The old one will need to be removed temporarily for the new cabinets to be installed, so why not update the look of the whole room by adding a fresh counter that will look like new for years to come?