Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

So you have this newly completed kitchen with the cabinets you’ve always wanted, a beautiful countertop, shiny new hardware, and fancy appliances, but one thing is missing… the décor! Just as there are rules when it comes to designing a kitchen, there are some rules of thumb when decorating it.

We’ve answered a few kitchen decorating dilemmas below…

Which stools should I get based on my countertop height?

It’s important to select a stool with the right seat height for your countertop. If you select one that’s too short, it will be hard to reach the bar and one that’s too high will force you to slouch over. Both instances also look off when placed at the counter, but you don’t have to make that mistake!

Here’s a guide to help you get the right seat—

Counter Stool: This stool has a seat height of 24″ and is best used at a countertop that is 36″ high, a typical height for kitchen counters.

Bar Stool: A bar stool has a seat height of 30″ and is designed to be used at a raised countertop.

This kitchen island has the appropriate height stools based on the height of the countertop.
What do I put in my glass cabinets?

Glass inserts in cabinets are a great way to break up cabinetry and provide visual interest in a kitchen. They are also fabulous for displaying your most special of pieces and can help bring style into the space.

It’s best to edit what you put in your glass front cabinets because if the cabinets look cramped or cluttered, it takes away from the specialness of the display. If the kitchen is all white, glass display cabinets are an opportunity to add color with a bright vase. On the other end of the spectrum, you could place only white decorative pieces in the cabinets to create a crisp, clean look.

A creative use for glass cabinets placed right off the kitchen, this homeowner has their collection of books on display.
How high do I hang pendants over an island?

Pendants over a kitchen island are a helpful way to add task lighting, as well as add interest, to the space. Hanging them at the correct height over the countertop is important. Too high and they will draw attention to the wrong area of your space. Too low and you might bump your head on them. Plus, they can interfere with your line of sight. Pendants look best when they are hung 28-34″ above the counter, or 72′ above the floor.



These pendants provide extra task lighting and plenty of style in this customer’s kitchen!

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