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You’ve come to the right place! We are looking for a new designer. Please see below.

Job Description: Designer

Most Important:

  • #1 A performer! Positive attitude!

  • #2 Timely to work, and all appointments.

Responsibilities of a Value Cabinets Designer:

  • Meet and greet customers, Qualify customer’s needs, product, quality, and budget

  • Measure, gather scope of job, specs, and all pertinent information

  • Design the project

  • Calculate project cost and retail AT SPECIFIED (GPM)

  • Close job – Designer is responsible for down payment and balance collection

  • Designer is responsible to verify orders, acknowledgment, and install schedules

  • Designer is responsible for mis-orders, shortages, design errors, replacement labor and costs

  • Commission is paid at month end, AT SPECIFIED (GPM)!

  • Designer is responsible for maintaining a clean/ well-kept show room.

  • Designer is responsible to communicate issues and solutions to management and customer, must follow up phone calls.

  • Designer must have a valid driver license and insurance.

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